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Gilang Ramadan or Gilang Ramadan Kartahadimadja (born in Bandung, May 30, 1963) is the drummer and musician in Indonesia. Gilang Ramadan is married to actress and emcee Shahnaz Haque. Gilang Ramadhan was the second son of Ramadan Kartahadimadja (Ramadhan K.H.), a poet, painter, writer and diplomat, RI Atmadjasaputra Pruistin.
Since I was a kid, Gilang was acquainted with a variety of musical instruments, such as piano, violin, and the most preferred musical instrument, the drums. Gilang studied violin first at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) in 1971. He became the youngest pupils there. Deepening his music continues as two years later. Gilang had gone to France to learn the piano and organ at Slamet Abdul Sjukur, acclaimed composer who also had a chance to pass their knowledge on Soe Tjen Marching.
Sister Gumilang Ramadan continued his studies in the United States at the Hollywood Professional School, majoring in music years 1980-1982. At almost the same time of year 1981-1984 Gilang studied at Los Angeles City College (LACC), majored in Percussion. Gilang had played in several bands in the USA, amongst others joined the LACC Big Band jazz mainstream band in 1983.
Upon his return to Indonesia, the glittering main in several musical groups. It is done to add to the experience as a drummer and deepen the range of musical styles. Gilang join Indra, in the Group of nebulae (in 1985) the fusion band, and also along the GIF (Gilang Vicki Senses) that Indonesian pop/fusion and Exit which is also Indonesian pop/fusion.
Got join Karimata (1986), which is also still in Indonesian pop/fusion. Then along with the Krakatoa (1986-1988) that jazz. Gilang also joined in the Group Andromeda (1987), together with the Alm. Jack Lesmana,-Chen, Indra and Benny Likumahuwa who play mainstream jazz.
Along with Indra, made Indra Lesmana's Group (1987) pioneered the genre of progressive jazz album in new age. Along with Indra that Gilang join appears in the Singapore Jazz Festival (1987) and the Jakarta International Jazz Festival (Jak-Jazz) from 1988-1996. The last joint and Indra, Donny Suhendra, and Mates formed a group pop rock band with the flag Adegan Band (1991).
In the course of his career, has shaped the Historical participation in the establishment of a Java Jazz, as well as being one of the band's style along with Indra Lesmana, Mates, Donny Suhendra and Embong Rahardjo, up to mid-1993.
Gilang with Pre Budi Darma and Indra join forces in a group named PIG (pre-Indra-Gilang) serving freejazz spontaneous compositions rich in technique, skill, harmonization and color. The group existed from the year 1996 to the present. The year 2002, the group established a Glittering Nera. Nera which means light in the Flores language consists of Gilang Ramadhan (drums), Donny Suhendra (guitar), Adi Dharmawan (bass), Khrisna Prameswara (Keyboard) and Ivan Nestorman (vocals). Nera played in musical fusion pattern combined with the Flores language sung with typical. This game featured the band's music to the historical an energetic drum and rich with drum-kit modifications such as drums, tifa and ceng-ceng. Year 2004, Gilang received ' on ' legendary band, God Bless as their drummer.
Since 1984, the glittering career continued to rise into one of Indonesia's top drummer. His taste tended toward the traditional music. Gilang also collect a variety of traditional instruments such as Drums, Bali, Sunda Kendang, Tambourine, Tifa, and of the type of traditional tetabuhan Indonesia more. Not only collect, gilang also studied the nature and colour of each alt. He wanted to lift the image of Indonesia in the music world music scene. He also created a Rhythm on drums which he named with the name of Rhythm. The name he took from the rice field culture Rhythm man Indonesia who like farming in rice fields.
Gilang Ramadan was the only drummer in Indonesia sponsored by the Zildjian cymbal company of the United States, since 1992 up to now. The largest drum companies from Japan that is Yamaha, also give credence to it. He was also the artist of BMG music, REMO U.S. RDA A, Austria.


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