MAD Beats Music Series - #1

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I've been a music fan every since I was young. My mother and father both loved listening to music and they introduced me to variety of genres.

As I got older, I developed my own taste and appreciation for music. In my early teens, I started listening to hip hop. In my early 20's, I started to DJ which led me to start producing my own material.

I composed music using BuzzMachines, an old school tracker, then FL Studio, and then Reaper (for recording vocals/mixing). With mobile device becoming more powerful and the apps offering more features, the iPhone and IPad became my music creation tool of choice.

So, here is my music series called MAD Beats. I will share my creations with you. Some are just some quick musical ideas or snippets, others are full length songs.

Leave me honest feedback in the comments section below.




Name: 24 Knox
BPM: 72
Description: A Drum and Bass Track
Listen on Choon - DSound - Musicoin

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