Metal bands you probably never heard of ... yet (Austria/Tyrol)

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Tyrol, a historical region in the Alps is commonly known for skiing,


and - well - "Schürzenjäger" (i.e. womanizer, at least some sort of:


But did you know, that Tyrol is a thriving place for great metal bands? May it be the hard life in the Alps (ok just kidding) or the harsh Tyrollean accent which is the perfect starting point for well tuned growls and such - Tyrol rocks!

So it´s time to check out some bands from Tyrol!

1. No Bros (HardRock/Metal) - rocking since the 1970ies

2. Dreams of Sanity (Gothic Metal/Rock)

3. Korovakill (crazy experimental-death-whatever, but great!)

4. Dornenreich (Folk/Dark/BlackMetal)

5. Manic Disease (pure awesomeness in Black/Thrash)



6. Thekla (Thrash/Death/whatever... and a whole lot of fun!)

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Great list man! Korovakill are Avant-garde Black Metal :D