MUSIC BUSINESS 101: Upcoming Artistes Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sign That Deal

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Hey! You’ve got Dat Kulqee on this one as usual. I’m so excited to share this piece of mine with you all for FREE! Am aware getting recording or management contracts has been the prayers of most of you guys but my concern is that most people who get record deals end up regretting ever putting their signatures on such deals. Thus, I have decided to share this to advise and help us stay away from career endangering contracts. Do not forget to share this with folks, you might just be saving a life. Here is why you shouldn’t sign that deal...
Written by Onyema Courage (Dat Kulqee)
Instagram: @iam_kulqee | Twitter: @iam_kulqee

    I do not know about you but quickie is never same as full-blown sex. If eating fast, drinking fast, dancing and singing fast is part of your talents, then you need to keep such a talent aside when provided with a recording, management, licensing or distribution deal. ‘’Words are multifaceted’’. Thus, ensure you are given enough time (in days) to properly go through the contract before rending your signature. If you are not provided with enough time to properly dissect and digest all the sections of the deal, please do not sign.
    Never be deceived, ‘’words are chameleons’’. They mean different things in different scenarios. You need a lawyer to go through your contract before you sign. Even if you cannot afford a lawyer, ensure a law student or anyone conversant with law terms goes through your contract before you sign. If there is no room or time for you o consult a legal personnel , please don’t sign. Remember, this is far more than a deal, it is your career, your image, your destiny, your life. Any single mistake will haunt you. Be sure you career and brand is properly guarded.
    There is a written document for a reason. Whatever is not clearly stated in your deal is not factual. Be sure no promises are oral. If the monthly allowances, clothing allowances, collaborations, albums, singles per year etc are not clearly stated on your contract, you have no grounds for any argument tomorrow. Ensure all promises are clearly stated in a way you understand for sure how your career will be like for that period.
    Never forget, ‘’ record deals are done for the fame and money that comes with it. Most recording deals come in favour disguise, don’t be deceived. Never let the intimidation take away your right t negotiate. Ensure your time with the company or record label is negotiable. If there are no rooms for negotiations, please don’t sign.

END NOTE: I am sure this will be difficult for most of you guys to stand for your rights and turn down such massive deals when they come. Nevertheless, always remember this, if you sign, never fight. You signed out of your own free will. If you must avoid murmur during your years with the label, then stick to these secrets.


This is a series. I've been an artiste manager for 4 years and through my personal experience, I could bet my life on these steps.

Following these steps will produce nothing other than fame.

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