Auction Finds - Vinyl Weird & Wonderful!!! Episode 15 of Many!!!

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I've been VERY busy for a while listing heaps and heaps and heaps of vinyl lps. Lps have been gaining in popularity over the last ten years, and I think their popularity might now be reaching fever pitch, if the bidding wars I've been experiencing on my online auction site are anything to go by. The thing about music is that there is something for everyone, and while many of the lps I will be sharing are most definitely not to my taste, they are well loved by someone. I am basically going to share a random selection of 5 an episode, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

This lp was a good find, because it is a fairly rare SA pressing. What a great song too! I really like it.


I really had to tear myself from the previous two songs to share this. They were kind of a one hit wonder thing, weren't they?

I've never heard of her, and well, she is not quite to my taste.

Oh, oh, OH!!!! I'm so excited to hear this song again!!!

Music has the power to transport us to very specific moments in our lives. We all have songs we are desperately searching for, and those we wish would never be played again, ever. I watch customers in the shop, and see the joy on their faces when they find an obscure cd or lp, and it makes me feel fantastic. My own music tastes tend to be indie/alternative, and discovering new music is a passion. I am that crazy middle aged woman, blasting whatever the flavour of the moment is in my car! 


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Wilson Phillips were ,of course, Daughters of the Beach Boys.
Loved the Dave Clark Five ( think I had this Album)

Didn't seem to have the same talent though....

I don't know any of these songs! They never reached Thailand, I suppose.
However, I notice that tight jeans were still fashionable and the hair styles can still be seen here today.

Hairstyles were cool!

I grew up listening to Dave Clark Five. My parents always played the oldies like this.