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Musicoin Meetup in San Francisco

Musicians, Producers, & Developers alike are invited to contribute to the upcoming $MUSIC Studio project and learn all about the new $MUSIC Records initiative. We'll be live at Knock Knock Recording Studios in San Francisco, California on Saturday, July 22nd at 6:30PM PST with knowledge, $MUSIC, and pizza.


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What is $MUSIC Studio?

$MUSIC Studio is a proposed sample sharing project by which Musicians can upload samples and stems for use by Producers in a blockchain enabled DAW for release on the Musicoin streaming network. Each contributor paid fairly and immediately for every play and tip.

What is $MUSIC Records?

We'll also announce the $MUSIC Records initiative. Musicians can book real studio session time in exchange for $MUSIC and release their tracks exclusively on the Musicoin network.

An AirBnB for recording studios?

Independent studios, producers, and engineers from all across the globe may participate in this initiative.

Discussions will include:

$MUSIC Studio flow & experience
$MUSIC Studio DAW integration ideas
$MUSIC Studio app & instrument proposals
$MUSIC Records details & announcements
$MUSIC Records how to participate

Visit Knock Knock Recording Studio's Facebook Page

Visit Musicoin's Facebook Page

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