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Wait, what?

I know, can you believe it? I have been on a little roll of releasing a few tracks on Electronic Alliance Records recently and I'm continuing the trend, get this, ALL THE WAY UP TO 10th APRIL! Suddenly this snail has got his rocket booster jet pack on and has 6 new single releases coming up, which congregate in to an EP at the end, all confirmed and locked in with the label!

Thanks to the awesome folks on @spotlight.artist, who are going to have me on their show on @msp-waves on the following dates and times to talk about all of these releases as they come out - hopefully you can tune in:

  • Travelling Man - 24th January 18:00-20:00 UK/UTC time
  • Always Looking Over You - 31st January, 18:00-20:00 UK/UTC time
  • Guardian Angel - 14th February, 18:00-20:00 UK/UTC time
  • Dreamer - 28th February, 18:00-20:00 UK/UTC time
  • Your Time Is Now - 13th March, 18:00-20:00 UK/UTC time
  • Night Sky - 27th March, 18:00-20:00 UK/UTC time
  • Travel Diaries EP - 10th April, 18:00-20:00 UTC time, 19:00-20:00 UK time

Front cover - Travel Diaries EP

Travel Diaries EP

1 year ago, I was starting to feel the excitement of what was about to unfold and began to get organised for my 3 month adventure to the other side of the world - Australia & New Zealand. This whole EP is kinda like my musical timestamp with the tracks reminding me of the amazing travel adventure I went on - they tell the story of how I felt as I was travelling and each track has a spiritual, chilled, excited and positive energy about it. Yes, Nicky is part hippy haha!

And so, it kinda felt appropriate to call it the "Travel Diaries" EP but if you prefer reading the travel blogs and seeing all the pictures, head on over to my @travelfeed profile here - why not set up your own profile while you're at it and we can interact there.

All the artwork for the singles and EP has been awesomely designed by the talented graphic artist on Steem called @gabrielatravels and all the tracks have been mastered by the Audio Animals music studio, bringing the sounds to their maximum. The release date is also the date I set off for my travels on 10th April, but anyway, let me tell you a little bit about these tracks!

Back Cover - Travel Diaries EP

1 - "Travelling Man" [Out 17th Jan 2020]

"Travelling Man" - Single Artwork

So track 1 of this barrage will be a chilled liquid drumstep/half-time track called "Travelling Man" - out very soon actually (17th Jan 2020). I wanted to try something a little different with the drum pattern and activate "super-trance" mode with the synths and melodies I used here. There's nothing too "in your face" to start proceedings.

The track itself is my reminder of how it all began with the "travelling man" being what my friends called me at the time but I remember feeling remarkably calm when I eventually got to my friends house in Melbourne and just taking everything in as I cruised down the Great Ocean Road for the first time a couple of days later.

2 - "Always Looking Over You" [Out 31st Jan 2020]

Track 2 is about as close as I can get to a DnB fantasy movie soundtrack as the sounds build to a point where everything comes together in a high energy Drum & Bass explosion!

Actually, I began writing this track after my Nana moved on to the great party in the sky and, although her physical presence isn't here any more, I still feel that she's around. So much so that when I went travelling, this sensation of her still being here was ever more present, it was like she really was always looking over me. It was quite comforting actually, especially being on the other side of the world, travelling on my own. Although this is definitely not in your genre, this one is for you Nana.

"Always Looking Over You" - Single Artwork

3 - "Guardian Angel" [Out 14th February 2020]

The energy levels begin to pick up a little bit with track 3 in "Guardian Angel". The structure of the track is back to what I normally do although the melody comes in from the off, setting the tone of positive vibes and good times straightaway!

In a very similar vein to "Always Looking Over You", Guardian Angel is like the more energetic version, where it really did feel like these angels were in the car with me on the road trips I did as they were living every minute and enjoying the beautiful scenes that I was seeing too.

"Guardian Angel" - Single Artwork

4 - "Dreamer" [Out 28th Feb 2020]

Ah... "Dreamer". Probably THE party track of the lot here with high energy building in right from the start. This is all about the feeling you have when all that you've worked towards turns out better than you imagined. If you have a dream, go for it! Sure, there'll be tough times to get through and obstacles to overcome but when you get there... wow, it's awesome!

And that "awesome" moment is how it felt for me when I was standing in among some of the best scenery I've seen in my life in New Zealand and Australia. Places I've always wanted to visit, the activities that I did and having a sense of freedom... it's what dreams are made of and Dreamer is how that emotion sounds like for me.

"Dreamer" - Single Artwork

5 - "Your Time Is Now" [Out 13th March 2020]

Continuing with the deep, introspective theme (as this EP seems to have turned out to be!), "Your Time Is Now" is all about living in the moment and not taking anything for granted as you never know when that thing, whatever or whoever it may be, might be taken away from you. Don't wait for life to happen to you, your time is now.

I guess a lot of the emotion in this one is how I let my mild depression and low moods get the better of me, which has happened throughout my life - dwelling on the past, anxiety about the future and playing out a million scenarios in my head, when really, all I can do is what's in front of me now. So when I started just focusing a bit more in the present, it made things a lot easier - of course, all those anxieties were nowhere to be seen when I was the other side of the world!

"Your Time Is Now" - Single Artwork

6 - "Night Sky" [Out 27th March 2020]

And finally, "Night Sky" rounds everything off with a more somber liquid DnB track, reflecting on what was a truly epic trip. Despite all that, the night sky is still an amazing picture and even after the Sun sets, we can still be dazzled by the stars that provide a beautiful backdrop to the landscape.

In fact, the bassline in this one is inspired by a classic liquid number by High Contrast - Make It Tonight. Obviously, I'm never making anything that's as epic as what the guys at Hospital Records do but their artists have had a lot of influence on my style from Logistics, London Elektricity and Nu:Tone to name a few! Anyway, got distracted, you made it to the end, hurray!

"Night Sky" - Single Artwork

Cheeky Preview

Ok, so you're probably wondering where you can hear a little cheeky preview of these tracks. Well, I'm glad to say that this mad travelling scientist has formulated a little promo minimix of all 6 of these tracks on my SoundCloud page to whet your appetite!

Here you go and I hope you enjoy - you'll be able to stream the full tracks on release day but if you really can't wait til then, tune in to the live shows at the top of the blog and you'll be in for a treat!

Until the next time, take it easy!


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Seeing all the arts being used as they are supposed to make them look even better! Haha. Looking forward to more awesome collabs together :)

Thank you for all the help with the artwork! They look awesome! I'll have some more for jobs for you but need to do some planning in the next couple of days and get back to you! 😀

I have been trying to get here all day. I can't believe that it was nearly a year ago that you set off on that adventure!

So much introspection and learning. But hey, isn't that what life's about.

I am leaving this open so that I can listen to the promo tomorrow. I look forward to that.

I would dearly love to rewind the clock and go back. A lot of introspection in this EP and indeed on the travels.

Think I need to get my head down and lay plans out for the next chapter of my life... Not sure I really want to stay in this current situation too long! Traveling was a lot more fun!

Ah, yes. New/next chapters... Do remember, though, that balance is good. Yin and yang. Good and bad. Not just for balance, but because if it's good all the time, we don't appreciate it. As I have recently learned...

Yes you make a good point young purple Fiona 😁

Great work @nickyhavey. Thanks for your post.

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Thanks a lot man! Appreciate that! Will catch you soon 😁

I have run out of words, tremendous publication. I loved it.
I must revisit it calmly and enjoy these issues.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot mate! I also ran out of words but I was very tired at the end of writing this one haha!

Hope all is good with you 😁

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Thanks a lot guys and gals at c-squared 😊

Thank you for the shoutout!

You got it guys! Keep up thr amazing work! 💪

Hey you have been busy! This is a cool post, I love the discussion of each track and the art for each single is awesome - great job @gabrielatravels !

Aha I have indeed! Many Skenfriths spent working on these tracks haha! Thank you for commenting and checking the post out! Absolutely, Gabriela nailed every artwork here, she's a real talent and makes great travel blogs too!

Thank you so much for your appreciation! :)

So much inspiration you have Bro!

The epilogues you made of each track are very moving. I see that you are a spiritual person.

Are you always looking to transmit a specific energy charge when you compose a piece? You are transcendental!

ps: I could not use the links to the micro mix. Maybe it's my connection. ;-(

Thanks a lot again Juan! Yes, I guess I'm quite spiritual, think it's important to have mind, body and soul all working together in harmony.

The music I make is all born from life events so it really depends on what I've been through at the time I sit at my music studio. Some things just click, some things don't, rather like in life hey!

Hmm, that's a shame the link doesn't work to play the mix, do you have Soundcloud? Or Spotify?

The music I make is all born from life events ...

I think we look a little like that. Eventually I also compose a song, but I need to feel a special inspiration to be able to do it. I am not one of those people who compose a commercial piece, just to try to please a market or simply sell it.

do you have Soundcloud? Or Spotify?

I made a free registration on Soundcloud a long time ago, but the internet connection in my country is one of the worst in the world, so I was not very surprised that I could not access.

But now... Success!

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