How To Get UpVotes From @MusicVoter

in #music2 years ago (edited) lives and breaths on upvotes for posts. This is how authors of posts and the voters make most of their money (along with comment upvotes).

As well as people upvoting each other's posts there are also a mixture of fully automated voting "bots" and semi-automated bots that require human intervention.


This @MusicVoter account is a semi-automated account that will upvote MUSIC RELATED posts only.

Here's How it Works

  • Follow @MusicVoter
  • Read this checklist and join in with the daily Discord group (invite link in checklist).
  • Every day between 18:00 and 20:20 GMT post ONE music related Steemit post into the "steemit-requests" channel in the discord group (if you can't post at this time then post at any time but expect less upvotes from others).
  • Upvote some or all of the posts that others have added to the discord channel and post an emoji against the posts you upvoted.
  • If possible comment on the posts (not mandatory but it shows you care and it helps your reputation score).
  • We would appreciate you delegating a small amount each day to @MusicVoter to help it grow. This will mean bigger rewards for you too!

Priority is given to those that delegate regularly (however small).



  • Due to the increased number of people now using @MusicVoter you can now post at any time of day in the Discord channel not just between 18:00 and 20:20 GMT

  • In order to receive an upvote you MUST delegate at least 1SP. The more you delegate the larger the upvote. This had to be introduced as it was become far too time consuming to upvote people that were not contributing to the growth of the service.

  • Join the curation trail to get curation rewards automatically even when you are away from Steemit!

@MusicVoter is part of the Atom Collector Records family
Add dsound tracks and DTube & YouTube videos, get more fans and earn $INDIE!

Soy músico y estoy comenzando en Steemit y me parece genial su iniciativa de ayudar a los músicos a darse a conocer. Muchas gracias!

I am delegating 50% of my voting power to you.

Thank you very much indeed @realjohnaziz!! :-)

didn't even know this was here lol

excellent work, i like it

Thats an amazing support for the music people... thank you

Thank you for your delegation. It really helps!

excellent initiative, partner, I will be supporting in everything I can, greetings and successes!

Thank you very much. I am so amazed by the awesome community of musicians on Steemit that I am really hopeful that with everyone's support I can make this something amazing!!

I'm sure it will be, I delegate some "sp", I would like it to be more but I am very limited to be new in this community, luck and success

Terrific initiative, you are really running with so many ideas, great work on all your endeavours.

Thank you very much. Let's make independent music popular again together!!!

Dang I am NEVER up at 9:00 am lol. I will try though.

That's OK. As the community on Discord grows I am sure the time restraint will become less important.

I like this idea! Hope it does well! I'll be participating! Thanks!

Thank you very much!

Great service, I don't use Discord that much but i have delegated what I can.

Thank you. You don't have to use Discord much, just once a day as per the checklist for maximum benefit. :-)

Congratulations on the initiative, fantastic!

Great idea, John! You seem to become quite proficient with Steemit in general. Programming a bot now?!! Wow!

:-) Thank you for the delegation. Really appreciate it.

Brilliant initiative my fellow Ninja!
I wish you success with this!
Designed and created by @bembelmaniac

Thank you very much @mrbloom Let's see how many independent musicians we can help!

great. how do i delegate power?

Thank you.

All details are in the checklist.

thank you for the support @musicvoter!

You're welcome.

Great support for music at Steemit. Congrats!

I'm looking for a way to do such a job on my own.

I am delegating 50% of my voting power to you.

It's new and I'm in and finding my way here.....

excelente recomendación

Awesome what a cool service - I just got upvoted! Thanks! Im joining the discord now!

This sounds good. I will look into it very soon to participate.

Great. excellent initiative

I agreed.


... so cool - cheers J regards donaldo ...

Delegated! My first ever - feel so happy and techy ;)

Thank you very much @kahsay!