Original song "Liftoff" now streaming free at Musicoin.org

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I've been experimenting with the Musicoin platform and I think it's got some potential. They still have some developing to do but the player works nicely, audio quality is good, and there's a community growing there. I recommend fellow Steemit musicians check it out, especially if you collaborate on the writing credits with others. It automatically distributes the royalties according to the split you define!

Please enjoy my latest song upload to the Musicoin platform, titled "Liftoff":

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 3.17.24 PM.png

Thanks for your listening and support!


Thanks for making quality music in a world filled with junk. I like your emphasis on strong melodies. Also, I may end up checking out Musicoin too. Even if my music doesn't get attention there, it could be a nice way to help support good artists.

Nice song and great aahs at 2:47! :D I really like songs which plays with dynamics without going over the top.

Hey Tom,
How are you man?
Akshay here.. Did you check out my last comment on your other post?

Hi Akshay, great to hear from you. I hope all is going well in L.A and please say hi to Shreyas for me! Keep in touch.

Yes. Will do. :)
All good in LA. Been busy with a lot of stuff. Working at MI now.
Got into crypto 3 months back, been discovering and exploring around since then. This space is so exciting. So glad to find you here!
Following you on musicoin too now. :)
Let's get connected on Facebook as well. Will send you a request there.

I have to ask one question, because of all those pedal noises and other stuff . What did you use for that piano sound? Is it a real or synth/plugin/other? If it's latter, then I need to buy it. :)

That's the real deal, a Boesendorfer Imperial Grand. I recorded it in Franklin Tennessee. It was at a piano store, and the owner of the store let me come in after hours with my laptop and microphones to record on it. It was beautiful but there was a lot of time spent on setup, adjusting mic positions (I engineered it myself), and even adjusting tuning. I took a while but I'm glad I got the real thing!

There's a little more squeeks and pedal noises than what I've normally heard on recordings, but that just adds character to the overall sound. This kind of approach to recording brings the instrument closer to the listener. Love it.

Great song my friend!