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Here's a highlight to some of the music on our feed for today! It's always a surprise!!

DSound Exclusive - Bryan Divisions - Source (Instrumental & Unreleased)

Bryan Divisions (@bryandivisions) gives us a preview to his upcoming album "Surrender"!

FSE presents A DTube Special : Weekly Bars #12 by @youngogmarqs

Young OG Marqs (@youngogmarqs) makes his DTube debut with his 12th weekly bar freestyle

Qrittix & Bonnie Legion - Lost in Silence (The DMT Song)

Listen to the beautiful played piano and singing from Qrittix & Bonnie Legion (@soundlegion)!

Break Out The Crazy - Si, Te Amo

Listen to Break Out The Crazy's (@breakoutthecrazy) amazing version of Si, Te Amo

Was it Right - Darren Claxton - Ma.De Remix

Listen to the upbeat tune by Darren Claxton (@darrenclaxton)!

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Thanks for the love

Great stuff mate!
You've got some dope skills!

Hi there! What a lovely thing to wake up to! Thank you so much for including 'Was It Right' in your summary!
Have a great day!

thank you for showing the steem world your talents!

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.

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