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You know am not the Messiah right
Just prophet of doom
Trying to lead you all to the light
Trying to show you all the naked truth
So I striped sincerity
Hoping this porn
Won't spoil my integrity
Tag me the enemy
Cos I ain't talking bitches or hennesy
Just the bitter truth
This days wisdom won't kill the youth
Ignorance is bliss- so they
Pray to the god of war for peace
Then the heathens sacrificed the priest
This is the apocalypse geez
Make hay while the sun shine
A stitch in time saves nine

            VERSE TWO

Lies has killed the truth
Ignorance raped the youths
Cult signs in the hood
Call girls in the nukes
Priest hitting more chicks than players
Atheist begging for prayers
The north ridden with chaos
We succeed in producing failures
Who will pay the price?
Those giving aids is in the rise
I'm not talking philanthropist
I'm talking sexual terrorist
With hide out in time out
Gather the money and fly out
Cos that's the only way out to make it
Cos there is no hope in staying
There is no faith in praying
Society has lost her mind
Darkness start to shine over light
Dreams turn to nightmares
We have run out of ideas
Trying to stay ahead of our peers
Had sex with wisdom without a condom
Now am pregnant with ideas
Conquering my fears
Killing the fright
And am doing it right
So am seeing the light
Shinning brighter than I could ever imagine

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