I Think "I know Why The Dog Howls At The Moon" - Track of the day

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Hey hey,

Mimismartypants here. bringing you my track of teh day to spread some joy during the lockdown!

Featured Track of The Day: Dela by Johnny Clegg

Dela is the zulu work for being complete or satisfied. Johnny uses this in reference to his love interest completing him. Saying i burn for you!

Favorite line: I think i know why the dog howls at the moon!

But listen to it yourself! No point in me trying to describe whats best experienced for yourself!

Lockdown Update

Day 19 of lockdown here in South Africa. So we carry on.

What's your track of the day???

Which tune has got you rocking out today or dancing on the ceiling today? Drop me a line in the comments, so we all can enjoy!

Keep on Keeping on

Much Love from sunny Cape Town, Mimismartypants

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