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RE: Molly Ringwald - Actor to Jazz Singer - Authentic Signed CD Give Away Contest!

in #music5 years ago (edited)

OMG!!!! I would love to own one. I'm an 80's child, and grew up watching John Hughes movies. If I were to pick a character, I think I was Ally Sheedy's character, the basket case. I was really quiet in high school, and had no friends. I was very artistic and drew a lot, but everyone ignored me. Now that I'm an adult, I no longer give a crap. I love my independence, and travel a lot by myself. LOL


Looks like I have no upvote. Sad face.... Oh well. Maybe I'll get lucky, and see her live somewhere.

It's a tie so far :-) Will have to do a drawing. Will come up with something fair and video the selection process on a tie between the two posts with votes right now. Three days remaining.

Awesome. I feel hopeful. lol

Great reply. Thanks for giving it a go. There has been a tie between @calebtrask and @steemsausage. I will do a drawing video later tonight to select the winner and will post the video on this thread.

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