Love - Lana Del Rey A Cappella Cover

in music •  2 months ago  (edited)

Thank you Hanna Sofia for choosing the song and for lending your voice!

Key: C-major
Song's Vocal Range - Hanna: g(3)-e5
Song's Vocal Range - Mike: C1-c5
Original Song: Love by Benjamin Levin, Emile Haynie, Rick Nowels & Lana Del Rey
Original Performed by Lana Del Rey.

A friend of mine heard my covers and asked to do a collaboration on a song of her choice. This is the result several months later.
Enjoy! ;-)

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Any thoughts? Reply! \(^o^)/

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Lana del Ray is one of my favourite singers, like her melacholic voice and poetic lyrics. I loved the cover, Hanna Sofia has a beautiful voice. I ssuggest if you like to start posting your music at nTopaz platform It is the art community at steem and your music will get more attention:) I am looking forward for more songs:)


Thanks @georgeboya! :D
Can't see if nTopaz allows copyrighted material to be published. Are you using it? If so, is it possible to link Youtube-videos on that platform?


Of course it is allowed to post a cover like that at @ntopaz platform:) As long as you provide the source of the original, but you already doing this. Posting of video at ntopaz goes like this: You put the link from the youtube, the title and the text and you post it. A good advice is to close all tabs before uploading and afer the post go to steemit and edit it so that you put again the link of the video and maybe photos if you like:) Looking forward to hear and be amazed:) If you have more Lana del Rey would be nice,lol.

Beautifully done, and I agree, Hanna Sofia has a beautiful voice! I really look forward to hearing your songs! tip!


Thanks a lot @free-reign! =)
I like your poetic posts. ;-)

Trying again for this tip for your post.


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WOW! Just had to go back and listen to every song here on your blog. LOVE your music. As long as you create and post new and original content here on Steem you are going to do very well! You should definitely check out the Open Mic competition here.

Could I ask you to add a link back here to your Steem blog on your YouTube page. Either on this video there, or in the About section, or both. It will go a long way to help people here know it really is you and your content.



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Hello @mikerophone279

I just came through @curie and I heard the song. It's really wonderful and your friend is definitely blessed with a great voice. I enjoyed the song till the end. All I can say is you made my day with this. 😊👍

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Thanks a lot @bloggerkrunal! 😊
It makes me really glad that it made your day! (^_^)


Hi @mikerophone, your rendition you made with Hanna is marvelous. I can listen to it all day. It sounds relaxing, especially when you are taking some rest, having some sips of coffee. Congratulations to your performance, I bet @curie will agree with me.

Keep posting your songs and I am looking forward to listening to them.

Cheers and God bless you.


Well, thank you @edencourage! ;)

God bless you too.

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