Guitar Cover! Metallica Hardwired to Selfdestruct

in music •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hi Guys! This is my first guitar cover that i recorded for Steemit!

It is the Song Hardwired to Selfdestruct from the latest Metallica Album!!


Jackson Kelly E3 loaded with Emg 81/85 pickups and going thru a Pod X3 with the output set to my practice amp!!


See ya... Keep STEEM Rocking \m/

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nice music @metalcrypto86


Thanks! glad u like it! do u like metal music?

Well played! I enjoyed it :), just one constructive feedback, it would be so much better if the sound quality on the recording was better. Thats a make it or break it for me :<

annyway, great work, steem on! :)


Yes bro! next cover ill use the direct recording from the podx3 thru the DAW i have on my Pc. Thanks for the feedback !!

so very very cool great work. been listening to the new metallica album recently as well.
One of my producers brought it up and been listening.
Just released a collective album with various genres,
got one hard rock tune in there from @simonkraemer great guitarist and producer, think you will dig it.