Steemit funded mobile studio, phase 1 update.

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My Commitment:

So, it has been pointed out to me by my good homie and fellow discord #SteemitLocalMusicSociety moderator @rdollarsign that my previous post was short on details regarding my commitment to the Steemit community regarding this project.

  • First, I've yet to iron out all the details of the steemit side of things. I've been kicking the idea around for years, and have the build details in much more concrete form, I'll continue to share those I'm coming posts. But it just occurred to me a couple days ago to try and get steemians involved. So I'm still working out how I can really make a commitment to you that you can trust. I'm open to any input on that front. I want you to know that I will make this happen with or without your steem, and I don't expect a magical whale brigade to come and vote me to the moon just because I asked for it. I intend to pour a lot of my own Capitol into this, as well as half of any authorship rewards from any of my other posts until it's done.

So I ask you:

How can I make a commitment to the community that you will trust? How have others done it? What would make you comfortable In supporting this project?

Here are my thoughts on what this project can give back:

  • I would like to propose a dedication of no fewer than five pro Bono sessions per year for Steemit musicians in the Central U.S. More, if I can swing it, but a guys gotta work too. This will give them access to a great resource, and will keep my life interesting. It will also provide higher visibility to the Steemit community in general, as their art will be made available in quality format. We could vote on who gets free sessions, or have contests or whatever...
  • I would also like to propose that the studio be made available to all steemians all the time at discounted rates through #steemitgigs, payable with steem. Pretty much, if someone has enough steem to cover travel expenses and my hourly, then I'll come to them and record them.
  • In addition, I would like to see the studio at accessible steemfests/steemgettogethers etc. Anytime there is a bunch of us getting together, I would like the studio to be there and available, but again, would need costs covered. Maybe we could do a blog series to fund those events...
  • Those are a few of the ways I could see this project really contributing to the Steemit music community, and to the platform in general, but am super interested to hear your feedback.

I plan to create a footer at the bottom of everyone of my future posts updating on how much is in my savings account for this project, and letting folks know that half of my earning s are going into this.

I do not think this will be quick, or easy. I anticipate several years, and lots of work going into this. I'm not some flyby nighter. I'll put in the work, I'm just asking you to put in an upvote every now and then. I'm not, I repeat NOT going to beg for donations, although they would be welcome, I'm not going to be spamming your feed begging for them. I'll do the work, and try to create content that earns your vote.

Please, let me know in the comments, or on the discord channel what else I can do to lend credibility to this project.

I'm so pumped on the idea, and I hope you're pumped too! This could be something radical.

Update, I've added another .5 steem to the savings account, bringing it to nineteen steem so far going towards this project!


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Nice pics @mattie.b-leaver


Thanks! I'm pretty handy with SketchUp, and was actually considering offering my SketchUp skills as a #steemgig if anyone needs projects mocked up or anything! Glad you liked them! I'm kinda bummed nobody noticed I put Henry Rollins in the vocal booth, and Melissa Etheridge and Bruce Springsteen on guitars. Lol.