Stand by me (for solidarity)

in music •  last year

A slightly tweaked cover tune in response to the black Bloc tactics at the welcome to hell march in Hamburg

Here is the video that inspired the song and statement in my video.

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well done, i can't believe how good you are


Oh, wow. I can't believe how great of a compliment that is! Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it.

I like your rendition, and I'm happy to meet another Steemian who cares about humanity, and ending the neocons globalist agenda. Solidarity for realz!


Thanks, forward in ALL DIRECTIONS!

Hey Matt, thanks for those words. There's a special situation in my country that actually makes me feel particularly identified with your post. Most people just won't ever understand the importance of these protests, but history won't forget.

Thanks for the song too. Good pick. Greetings from Venezuela.

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Abbi heard you sing and started her song too. When you finished so did she. Thank you for sharing and one more thing you have so many talents. Love

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