Deep House Makes Me Feel Calm. What Music Calms You?

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I started going to raves with my cousin when I was 16. My first experience was an onslaught of music, lights and hedonism like I'd never experienced. And I hadn't experienced much at all at 16. I was already obsessed with listening to and sharing music with friends by the age of 14, but I mostly listened to rap, alternative rock, classic rock, and punk. This one fateful rave that my cousin took me to opened up an entirely new section of my musical brain!

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A lot of people that rave end up sticking with the festival scene and lifestyle for several years. You start by always wanting to be at the main stage listening to the biggest dj with the biggest crowd and songs. After some time you find your preferred genres at the smaller stages and view yourself as a rave elder, superior to the bums at the main stage.

Deep House is one genre I can always get down with. The evolving, ambient tone changes in the synthesizers can take my mind and emotions to a warm place. It puts me in an introspective mood and that's where I like to be.

I started listening to Deep House a lot as I was leaving parties or raves and the sun was coming up. Top 3 best feelings of my life. You get to experience the serene morning sunlight and it feels like it's just happening for you, everyone is still asleep.

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Here's a few old school Deep House songs that I would listen to as I was driving home after an amazing night and the sun was coming up.

What are some songs that make you guys feel at peace? Deep House or not? Feel free to post links or song names in the comments section

Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt (1999)

Larry Heard - Missing You (2000 original release year)

Matthew Herbet - See You On Monday (1996)

DJ Koze- Cicely (2007)

Theo Parrish - Heal Yourself and Move (1998)

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I just added this one to my record collection and it is beyond beautiful. The vocal sample is so perfect. Dynamic ebbs and swells of forlorn sounding pads mixing with a ripping and verbed out 303, all laid atop a rhythm track tape saturated and over-compressed to perfection. The attention to detail via small sounds hidden in the mix is seriously amazing, as well. This one gets me floating away every time.

wow...that's amazing dude !!! I can see why you like that so much. and DAMN that sample gave me chills. Nothing like a perfectly placed vocal sample. Not a bad little music video too. Didn't see that song on spotify but I just followed the artist on there.

Thanks for sharing that, I can tell you know a lot about production. I don't know much myself but a personal goal of mine is to pick up producing again this year

Do it to it man. If you follow me, you'll likely enjoy what I share. It'll mostly be music and records and the occasional music gear tutorial or review. Plus we can just trade tunes :)

sounds like exactly what I need! just followed you

Also this one is a sublime, hypnotic journey into deep house nirvana. Total classic.

God damn dude, you're right about the deep house nirvana! That's the deep shit I CRAVE. this one is fantastic too, another great rec. I haven't heard of Chez Damier & Stacy Pullen either so I'll be looking into their stuff.

Oh man, those two are all time heavy hitters. You need to get into Ron Trent and the label Prescription. I think you'd be set for about a year on the good deep house with just them. Hahahah

I was going to slap a deep house mix of mine I here but I’m told Soundcloud is bugging out at the moment.

I see you got See You Next Monday in there, did you here the recent Linkwood remix of that?

I could post a thousand tracks in answer to your question but since you’ve talked about deep house and I’ve made a Linkwood connection, I’ll leave this:

And this one from Pepe Bradock:

Fingers crossed I can share up that mix eventually. I’ll slap up a post for it soon!

I first heard that Linkwood in Disclosure's 2013 Essential Mix. I really miss those days hahahaha. Also I totally have that Pepe too. Swimsuit Issue 1879.

OoOoOoOoOoOo I haven't heard that Linkwood song before that shit is juicy! Thanks for sharing that.

Dude thanks for sending me that Pepe one! I've heard it before but you know what's funny? A while back that song was playing on repeat in my head but I COULD NEVER REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE SONG OR WHO DID IT so I couldn't find it. Now I know again!

Just realized I was thinking of this Linkwood track, @forfourfun and @mateonav53 not the Love Lost one. Both killer tracks though. Peep this one.

I listen to Vienna Teng before bed. :)

Wow she's got a voice!! Just pulled up Nothing Left For Us To Find. Sometimes before bed I pull up podcasts and have them play low in the background.

Anything overwhelmingly loud and noisy seems to just suck the anxiety right out of me. It is interesting what calms different types of people.

Haha yeah it is. With me and deep house it's the synths that get me every time. But I've had moments where overwhelming noise can make me feel eerily calm. Maybe the brain just can't hear itself think so we aren't focusing on all the clutter that's usually there