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RE: Spotify IPO valued at $20 billion?!? Plus what this means for blockchain music dapps like Peertracks. Find your creative freedom with the blockchain

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Great info! I like the Netflix analogy. You can’t just manufacture music based on collection of data. Mainstream music relies much on the celebrity of the artist too.


Yeah I'm really interested in how Spotify plans to stop operating at a loss

The other big issue I see is there is no longer an incentive to be a musician if you’re not gonna get paid. Obviously people that love making music are going to continue to make music, but unless you’re a huge superstar then you’re just broke making music for fun there’s no middle ground anymore for musicians. Hopefully Muse is the answer!

Music, like most other arts, has always kind of been like this so far though. You make no or very little money and are kind of struggling along unless your famous, or at least underground famous. But in recent years (much like the trend across societies in general) this discrepancy has intensified, I recently read some Professor describing it as the hollywood effect; meaning: fewer people make more money and most poeple just dont. I think Blockchain technology and platforms like peertracks and muse or musicoin, at the very least create the possibility for much more even distribution and hopefully artists with a smaller but dedicated fanbase will also be able to pay their bills.

Ding ding ding! Winner winner chicken dinner! Blockchain and Muse can help create the middle class musician. Once you trim the fat of the music industry artist are able to cook up some tasty profits.

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