Music Made For Steemit - Live Jam #8

in music •  5 months ago

Music Made For Steemit - Live Jam #8 - Make me a habit - 22.5 minutes to cook to, drink to, smoke to, have ritual with, dance to, exercise with or whatever blows your skirt up :-)

I've created this music in ritual and in service to the greater good from a heart-space that is mine in sovereignty and freedom.

I started with changes that I wrote for a song called "We're Here All Around You" that moves through dominant chords in 4ths slightly changing keys or stretching the diatonic bounds (it's a non-diatonic sequence that moves in perfect 4ths and is based on dominant chords)

Then I added a couple of additional hangs including the #5, 5 thing.

This song features solos on piano, guitar and bass.

This is meant to capture the moment of no-time influencing all times infinite perspective.

Enjoy, Mark


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