Music Made For Steemit - Live Jam #6

in music •  6 months ago

Music Made For Steemit - Live Jam #6 - more of the 6+ hours of music made for steemit with a live in-the-moment funky improvisational jam. This piece features piano and guitar solos and is 15+ minutes long. So get ready for a smoke, drink, tea, exercise, cook or just hang and watch to leave the matrix music machine and join this musical ride in the park. :-) We'll start with a traditional 1 minor to the 4 dominant chord change and then ad a 7 dominant, then 5 dominant hang to take us back home.

Today's dedication:
I am a being of love, born of love and acting in love in the dream frequency on a shamanic journey fulfilling moments of sacred sovereignty in this ever present now of forever.

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Love is the the most important to heal the planet.


agreed :-)

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