Introducing the Mark Austin Band

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Introducing the Mark Austin Band.
This is a band I had cooking in the early 2000's. Music is timeless as are performances. This band was all about performing. Our music charts left a lot of room and we left solos open till cue often. It was all original music and dubbed Acid-Jazz when that faze was rampant by those listening. Our first CD "cosmic trigger" made the Top Ten Jazz Charts in Canada in the College Market and climbed to #5 on the CMJ Radio 200 ADDS Report from KMUD in CA, the next week to #13, right under Joni Mitchell and Lyle Lovett at that same Public Radio Station. We were getting Airplay through Europe, Canada and Austrailia as well as Brazil, Sao Paulo especially as I had a DJ there that loved me.

We had 4 songs go to #1 on, which as far as I know was the first level playing field as majors and independents were both on the same charts. Eventually we also won the CD of the Year Award at

Here is an interview with the guys done by my brother-in-law

We did a couple of CD's, "cosmic trigger" and "Moongliding on Mars" available on iTunes, Spotify etc...

For a while Diane Harris helped with the vocals and added flute. And that's Jim Eager on guitar.

Eventually after Diane, we added Stacia McNeal to the line-up for more vocal power.

Her and I flew to Salt Lake City when the band won the Alternative Artist of the Year for New Artist Radio. Here we are (me) getting the award.

We had a few different guitar players ending up with Lewis Hutcheson. But all we're great. We started with Jason Bucklin

then Paul Garceau who wrote "Our Song" with us

and Jim Eager {pictured above}. Also Anthony Plant subbed as well.

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