Common Ground

in music •  10 months ago

If I am remembering correctly it was around 2004-5ish that I was also was also working with a group named "Common Ground" for a while, about 3 1/2 years or so. We we're a dedicated loose-knit group of folks, from the Urantia Book community, which I was involved with from 1990 to 09. We we're playing Unity Churches, Idaho State University, Unitarian Universalist Churches and the like. We had some great times with a wonderful and talented bunch of people. The group consisted of myself on fretless acoustic bass and vocals, Mark Turnbull on gutstring acoustic guitar and vocals, Bob Devine, resident Poet, organizer, and fast driver. Then we added on from there with Susan Mogilka from Oklahoma City, or Dave Holt, CA (in the video below) on keyboards. Also Cristina Seaborn joined regularly on violin and vocals. We also used Richard Knox at one point. I was doing a lot of flying back then, which I don't even like the idea of now :-) But this is one for the memory book, fond memories. This was captured from the University of Idaho and I edited it. Live on!

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