Backstage at the Dallas International Guitar Festival

in music •  9 months ago


So today I played a bass gig at the Dallas International Guitar Festival with a really great guitar player and singer named Mike "Junior" Clarke. While we were onstage at one point we were joined by a young 14 year old singer who sounded like she was an old pro. I had no idea she was going to join us but she was great!. Her name was Kelsi Kee I believe (she is here at 1 minute in ))) Sorry I forgot there would be a test :-) But it turns out she lives within a couple of blocks from me, according to an old friend I ran into who knew her. So when I'm looking for her name to post this I find this photo and some video of us onstage so here it is

So being a bit novice at blogging I wasn't prepared as much as inspired really by Andy Timmons! What a great guitar player! I've known of and even spoke with Andy but today was just knocked out so I grabbed my iPad . I hope you enjoy.

it's tuff gig but somebody's got to do it :-)


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