A short story from the Past - Our Tribe at Subotica Jazz Festival - in September 2017

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One of the greatest thing to happen'to a Tribe like us ... to be announced that you are invited to play in a great jazz festival like the one from Subotica ( Srbija) with one day before your actual musical sejour was planned to start ... 'cause our Tribe had to substitute a cuban project that couldn't arrive for the festival.

I think it was a period of storms/weird weather in Cuba ... so they couldn't make it and we've been the chosen ones to substitute them. Was a cool concert.

Great thing to start a musical sejour of 3 concert with an extra one which was a non-programed concert in our schedule ... appearing out of nowhere :-)

Subotica LN & Balkumba Tribe 7.jpg

We've played as usual our own compositions ... such as this one:


The Tribe members were:

Ivan Aleksijevic - piano/keyboard

Subotica LN & Balkumba Tribe 2.jpg

Johann Berby - bass
Subotica LN & Balkumba Tribe 8.jpg

Csabi Pusztai - drums!
Subotica LN & Balkumba Tribe 5.jpg

and me :-)

Subotica LN & Balkumba Tribe 9.jpg

It was a great concert in a great jazz festival from a wonderful town ... Subotica :-)

Have a Blessed week all of you steemians

I've just thought to share this story from the Past :-)

Maybe more to come here via steemit ... if everyone it's ok with that :-)


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My husband @cvds and his mate are going to north sea jazz festival in Holland next month


Hopefully someday our Tribe https://luciannagybalkumbatribe.bandcamp.com/track/the-african-mganga

will play in that festival :-)

Soon ... but maybe not yet ...

Wish you & your Family to have a great week @brittandjosie


Thank you too and for you and your family too