The Reunion of Urbandub (Their Music and My Experience)

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Alas!!! They just got reunited!!!

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From Left to Right -- John Dinopol (Lead Guitar), Gab Alipe (Vocals/Guitar), Lalay Lim (Bass) and Janjan Mendoza (Drums)

On April 2015 we just thought that it's just one of the fool jokes of the month. But the reality breaks every heart of Dubistas all over the country.

The band thing, the touring, the traveling… pahinga muna(we need to rest), Gabby Alipe tells

"I just want some time for my family first, to rest," he says. "I’m sure sina Lalay (Lim-Geronimo, Urbandub's bassist) din... puro family ang focus namin(every one of us wants to focus our family first)."

Way back early 2000's this band who hails from Cebu City, Philippines is making noise here in our music industry. On 2003, "SOUL SEARCHING" won Best Song Of The Year in NU107 Rock Awards at Manila, Philippines. Also, this song help paved their way to enter mainstream Rock Music Scene.

Since then, Gab Alipe, John Dinopol, Janjan Mendoza and Lalai Lim gained listeners all over the country thru radio airplay, gigs and concerts. As a matter of fact they're even tagged as the "DEFTONES" of the Philippines. Urbandub is the first band here in the Philippines who came from Indie Scene that was helped by major record label to release an album.

On 2005, they release their Embrace album, with the infectious First of Summer in it.

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Embrace album cover
For me, this album showcases the metaphors of Gab Alipe and guitar riffs. This album glued the name of the said band to music charts here in the Philippines.

Two years later they release the Under Southern Lights. I think this album is dedicated to the city where they came from the Queen City of the South -- Cebu, City. They said, Guillotine is the crowned jewel of this album.

On 2009, the contract between EMI Records and Urbandub ended. MCA sheltered the band and this gave birth to "The Apparition" album. They made a cover of Sade's "No Ordinary Love". They also project their prowess in using effects on their guitars. Nonetheless, we can't forget the heavy bass-lines of Lalay's Gravity.

Last 2012 the universe gave an opportunity to witness the band that I look up to. Jhon swings to his guitar grooves, Janjan bangs his notable drum lines, Lalay stands firm while backing the band with her bass and Gab shouts from the top of his lungs every words the strikes every hearts of Dubistas. Nothing can contain the happiness that I felt at that night. Just reminiscing the fan boy years of my life ahahaha!

This is the only picture that I got from the said gig here in Iligan City w/ Gab Alipe and Ryan Gumadlas (My Classmate during my College Years)

On 2013 they release the sixth album the "Estoric". Gab stated that the song "Never will I forget" is dedicated to every Dubistas that been listening to them though the years. I think this is one of the signs of their hiatus.

Then the most tragic thing happened. Last May 9, 2015 they perform their last concert with the complete line-up before the hiatus. This particular year breaks the heart of every Dubistas all over the country or even the world.

Last 2016 Gab and John performed together and played Urbandub songs. But as a fan, for me, the band is still incomplete without Janjan and Lalay. Just this February 27 was stirred with the news that band reunited together for a gig at 19 East at Manila, Philippines for a gig. As you can see at this video, the gig was so jampacked, the people are jumping and singing with the band.

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Right now numerous gigs are listed on Urbandub's Facebook Page. Fans are really opting for the getting back together of the band. But for now let's savor the reunion that was just happened.

Thanks Urbandub for the return!!!

From Dubista Since 2010,
Louie Canlom


Behoold!! My Mantra Song!!


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