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(2014-2017): In this period, Thibaud was only a solo artist as composer called 'Giant Plush'.

(February 2nd 2018-November 15th 2018): 'Giant Plush' has been renamed 'FL15', and was a duo, with TTM as singer-songwriter.

(November 15th 2018-present): Thibaud is back as a solo artist, this time as singer-songwriter.


Thibaud is a 25 year old singer-songwriter and graphist from France.


The main objective is to make realistic musics through digital, using the new technologies with good music softwares.


Alternative/Pop Punk.


You can contact Thibaud with a private message on SoundCloud or Twitter.

Social Networks:

You can follow Thibaud on others platforms (SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram...).

Featured Track

Never End (feat. Juxta)

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