My music in 2018, the year I have discovered cryptocurrency.

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Toward the end of 2017, I published and shared for the first time some of my music.
As we all know, the Internet is the quickest worldwide mean to spread any type of message, including music and art.
It has been a bumpy ride, especially in the beginning.

The major social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etcetera, have helped a little but apart for the interest of some friend, acquaintances, other musicians and artists requiring "like for like" attention, it has been a quite fruitless, somehow frustating progress.

In the end, who cares for any emerging indipendent artist, whom, even if talented, hasn't paid big bucks for marketing, being on radio or any "pro" plan on the internet that counts, the mainstream? Right?
I told myself: "there must be another way".... and I'm sure, I'm now, on the right path !!!

In the beginning of 2018, reading messages from fellow musicians on Reverbnation, which I think it's one of the best platforms for any emerging songwriter or musician to start the journey, I found out about Musicoin first, thus from there I started my online research about cryptocurrency, the blockchain and the future.

I'm sure everyone has heard about Bitcoin and similars at least once before...
Many people are investing their fiat money (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc.) in cryptocurrency... I decided not to.
Anyhow, I thought I could be part of this rising force, known as blockchain, offering my original music for some rewards and at the same time gain exposure.

Will I be able to survive just by making music one day? Only time will tell.
But my main target for 2018 has been reached !!!
My music has been listened all over the World, at the cost of a couple of hours of my daily time, not actual money, which is nothing in compare to the years spent to achieve an acceptable sound.
A couple of hours spent listening to music, discussing with other independent musicians and artists about the future and the best ways to ride this new wave so called blockchain.
Does it all sound too good to be true?
I thought exactly the same thing before joining atomcollectorrecords.
An unselfish community of indipendent musicians, producers and music lovers who are all in for the same reason: listening, helping, learning and being heard.

The year 2018 has been auspicious for myself and the indie music in general and I'm looking forward to start a new adventure in 2019.

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful New Year !!!

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Last Ravage Opinion

my first and homonymous album.

Last Ravage Opinion by Last Ravage Opinion

Every single song of the album has a different feel, I like many genres of music. The first half of the album is heavier than the second. I produced each and every song without following any standard structure or rules, none of the song could be in the pop charts, at least, not in the contemporary ones.

Voices, guitars, basses have been all played and recorded live, even the few parts of keyboards, violin and cello were played by me, although it has been very challenging since I don't play these latter regularly. The only instrument that I made electronically has been the drums but not from samples, I wrote all the drum patterns note by note.

Listen to the whole album via the following or choose individual tracks below.

1 ) Intro

2 ) Hell Is Here

3 ) Cool

4 ) Lies Behind The Afterlife

5 ) When I Was A Child

6 ) Swinging On Emotions

7 ) Dyed

8 ) Ghost World

9 ) Sweet Sensation

10 ) Outro

FOLLOW Last Ravage Opinion:

More about Last Ravage Opinion:

I love writing songs, composing music and playing as many musical instruments as possible.

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