My track in the Steemit Artist Compilation Vol. 4 - "Tonight"

in #music2 years ago

Happy to share that I have been chosen again to be part of the Steemit Artist Compilation Vol. 4, put together by the lovely @soundlegion ;) This Volume has some really great talent with a wide range of creativity and influence. I'm glad to be part of it!

My track is #3 on the compilation, titled "Tonight". I wrote this song a couple years ago and officially recorded it with the help of some amazing musician friends and sound engineers/producers. It is included on my solo EP, "Running From Myself" (released Dec. 2016)


Here is a link to one of my previous posts, introducing the song to Dsound.

And now for the good part... this independent music video I made, without a budget or a clue as to what I was doing. Black and White, Simple. I plan to make another in the future.. just need the time!

Last but not least, be sure to hop over to the original Steemit Artist Compilation Vol. 4 post, link here...

I am always blown away by the enormous support given and received in the music community here on Steemit. It means a lot and gives me hope... as well as many others I'm sure. Keep on creating!


Love your music so much kate! huge fan this end of everything you do. Its a great pleasure to get to promote another track of yours in this volume. much love and blessing your way in all things

Thanks so much ;) and same to you, wishing u the best - it’s obvious how much time and effort you put into all this and your own music. Keep it comin 🤗

Just amazing as always lovely, I will never grow tired of hearing your amazing voice!

Speaking of were doing it again and I would love it if you can make it along this time, it's late notice again but if your interested jump on discord for a chat :D

Thank you! Im so all over the place busy lately.. I meant to reply to you a couple days ago. 😌