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The first time we went to The Cavern Club, The Magical Mystery Tour bus let us off a block away and our guide led us there. You could sense our excitement as we descended the stairs at 10 Mathew Street and heard the music before we entered the darkened room.

It was Beatles music.

We were in the cradle of British Rock and this man, above, was doing a bang up job of performing. The next day, I posted a photo much like this one and promised to show/tell you more.

Between 1961 and 1963, The Beatles made 292 appearances here before they became so popular they needed larger venues. But they are not the only ones to play here. Wikipedia lists "The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, The Hollies, The Kinks, Elton John, Black Sabbath, Queen, The Who and John Lee Hooker." That's a start!


When a tour bus unloads, the place is packed, and this was in the afternoon. You fight your way up to the bar, buy a drink and go find a place to sit, if you're lucky enough to find one.

On our second trip, we arrived at a slightly quieter time and I was able to get photos with less people in the way.


We turn around from the bar and head through this door into the first of three long rooms with arched ceilings. They're laid out side-by-side with the stage in the centre one.


So we're in the first room, above. You just came through that door in the middle where you can see the bar. Can you see why Petula Clark called it a cellar full of noise? Look at all of that brick!


If you walk up the length of the first room, you can get to the side of the stage beside the performers. It wasn't a bad spot when it was too crowded to get a stool out front.

I think this was the Scottish performer. One of the them played "Ferry Cross the Mersey" so it's not only Beatles music but the rest of the British Invasion too.


The walls are adorned with pictures and showcases. And you can see the brick but you need to see a closeup of it.


It is completely covered in graffiti.


We watched another set from the side. All of the performers were excellent. Now as I said, this is on a weekday. On the weekend when it's busier, they open up the lounge for more room. Follow me.


Coming through this same door we have been through before, but from a slightly different angle, you can see the display cases of souvenirs.


We walked by the bar on our right. The lounge is through the door straight ahead and we weren't allowed in it. It's partially blocked by the people having their photos taken inside the phone booth. That's a thing people do here.


The music was non-stop in the other room. I mentioned we were in The Cavern Club on two different days. We stayed for two sets each time. Next time, I will ask about the coat check - that's where Cilla Black worked.


Making friends with the locals. Wave for the camera!


And now me, @kansuze. Cheers!


The Cavern Club
Magical Mystery Tour
The Cavern Club - Wikipedia


Photos from my Canon SX620 HS in Liverpool, UK

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I hope you enjoyed The Cavern Club!



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