How music improves your health

in music •  2 months ago

surely you have been listening to music either to perform an activity or do something else but you knew that listening to music is good for your health, some of its benefits are:

  • Improve our cognitive abilities

This scientifically proven that the repetitive activities that we do in our day to day we usually do better with music

  • Improves creativity

When listening to the music at a high volume we usually block to think about the lyrics of the song, but if this is heard at a low and moderate volume we will be able to increase our creativity capacities

  • Reduces blood pressure

According to a research conducted by the American Society of Hypertension, with just a single soundtrack, 30 minutes a day reduces blood pressure

  • Reduces Anxiety in Patients with Cancer

listening to music constantly makes those who suffer from cancer manage to reduce their anxiety and makes them have a better mood

  • It puts us in a good mood

It is a fact that everyone has a better mood when listening to happy music especially if they are among friends

  • It reduces stress

How many we have heard music and we have managed to calm down, it is proven that those people who listen to music constantly reduce their stress level

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