Meme/song review- Jake Paul- It's Everyday Bro.

in music •  2 years ago  (edited)

Jake Paul is wise as hell. I am serious. Let me explain myself. So, music industry is a wack right now actually. There are 4 Simple steps to make a hit song:
1.Go viral.
2.Write dumbest lirycs in the world
3.Refrence someone famous in lirycs
4.Be on Disney Channel flow
First step is the fastest but the hardest, 2nd is easier is and takes more time etc.

So lets Analize lirycs of our song right now. "It's everyday bro with a Disney Channel". Check. "5 mill on YouTube in 6 months, never done before
Passed all the competition man, PewDiePie is next". Check,Check. There our attempt to go viral gets hard. You have to wait till person you mentioned will record the answer. Pewdiepie's video "JAKE PAUL". Wait 24 hours. Check.
So basicly Its everyday bro its perfectly designed song, which gained popularity because of word Pewdiepie in lirycs. After realising it all lirycal content gets ironic and deep
Its everyday bro its perfect critique on music/meme industry with good and funny rhymes. All the pepole think this song is garbage, because Pewdiepie said that. Its shows how dumb YouTube community is.
Meme opinion: Normie af.
Music mark 8/10 40b2f28c212dd5408e03e5a6e216e833.1000x1000x1 (2).jpg

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