Another Christmas Gift! What?!

in #music3 years ago

Some of my might know that I play bass. Playing music is such a great way to loosen up after anything stressful. It can be a meditation or it can be exactly what it sounds like, “play”. I really enjoy playing with others. But I’m not exactly amazing at playing and often times if I’m with people who really know what they’re doing, I get lost.

One of the guys at the jam I try to attend every Monday night told me to find this book, the Bass Grimoire, because it could help me get to better understand all of the scales and also the theory behind it all. And guess who’s awesome husband got it for her? Yep! And it’s an intense book…

I’ve got a lot to learn.

Also along the lines of bass playing, I was gifted a standup bass about a year ago.

After lending it to a friend while I was on the road I just got it back and he suggested I get an adjustable bridge for it because the strings are really high off the fret board and it makes it more difficult to play.

Hence the new bridge…

Wow! It’s so cool! And of course he (my husband) really wants to put some lightening burns into it with my new Lichtenburg wood burner! That would look pretty cool, I’ll admit.

But after checking out YouTube I found that fitting this bridge to my standup is going to be a lot of work! Lots of sanding and refitting and measuring… If it ever snows here then that’ll be a great snow day activity. Until then I’ll be reading my new book and trying to figure out how to get better at playing!


That upright bass is really something!
Hand fitting the bridge should be an interesting project.

Really interesting project... I'll document it when I get to it... It's a bit intimidating

Very cool. I cannot play music and have poor rhythm but i love bass-heavy songs the best! Rock that standup!

Hopefully I can get that bridge swapped out and play a little demo here for you all (:

Looks like some very thoughtful gifts. Following you now!