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RE: Help Support Musicians and Receive Automatic Upvotes by Delegating to the MSP-Music Account!

in #music4 years ago

You can help by delegating!
This will not only help the musicians on Steemit, but you will also receive automatic upvotes on your posts from the MSP-music account.
If you need help delegating just let me know.
Check out this post, it explains the process.....


Hey, I followed the instructions and delegated 100, I'm not sure what that actually means though, is it my SteamPower I have delegated?

Thank you!!!! Yes, you have delegated your SP so that means you still own it, but you are lending the power to MSP-music. This increases the power of MSP-music to help musicians and you will now also receive automatic upvotes from MSP-music on your posts.

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