CITY POP FRIDAY (Tatsuro Yamashita - Merry-Go-Round 1983 Japan)

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Hello again steemians.

Happy Friday to everybody!

I would like to continue CITY POP FRIDAY with a track by the master:

I already told you who Yamashita is in previous posts but for those who didn't catch it I'll copy/paste the info again.

"In 1973, Yamashita formed the band Sugar Babe with musicians including Taeko Onuki and Kunio Muramatsu, and released their sole album Songs two years later.

After the group disbanded in 1976, Yamashita signed to RCA and launched his own career, with release of the solo album Circus Town.

That same year he teamed up with Eiichi Ohtaki, who was the producer of Sugar Babe, and brief Sugar Babe member Ginji Ito to release an album titled Niagara Triangle Vol. 1.

The collaboration was cited by MTV as one of the six Japanese supergroups that changed the history of Japanese music.

When his 1979 award-winning album Moonglow gained moderate success, Yamashita rose to fame.

In 1980, his song "Ride on Time" peaked at #3 on the Japanese Oricon, and the same-titled album topped the chart subsequently.

As a solo artist, Yamashita has released 17 studio albums, 2 live albums, multiple compilations and over 40 singles.

He has been one of the most commercially successful Japanese male solo recording artists in the history of the Japanese album chart, selling approximately 9 million albums in total.

He has also composed for films and television commercials, and worked on records by other artists."

This track was featured in the album MELODIES from 83 and it was released by Moon Records in Japan.

The sole purpose of me posting this is to educate and encourage the user to buy the record.

I now own these records and I discovered them digging online blogs.

Peace, love and respect.

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Cool track! City Pop is something I still know very little about so I look forward to hearing what else you post.

I will post shortly again, it's just I recentlly moved to another city and country and still a lot to take care of before I can relax.

Take your time! As I get more involved with Steemit, I just want to encourage those who are posting music I enjoy to post more.

What country did you move to?

Germany, Berlin

Funky those Japan fusion guys!

I see that there is a world of music that I didn't know about. My Youtube library is growing every day.

You know it my man!
And that's just the tip of the iceberg ;)

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lol? good job cheetah


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