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Drawing from SURFER’s “Clips of the Month” series, here’s a (very arguable) list of the “Clips of the Year.” No matter how you slice it, 2018 was an incredible trip around the sun for surfing, and each clip will attest to that.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that in a year where wave pool technology continued to make leaps and bounds that Skeleton Bay managed to produce one of the most flawless waves ever caught on film? The wave can be interpreted as Mother Nature’s scoff to man’s attempt at what she’s perfected over thousands of years. Or it can just be enjoyed as the drool rolls down your chin during its viewing, again, and again. Either way, the Namibian screamer that spat rainbows occupies the top spot in 2018’s “Clips of the Year.”

Hit play to watch the ten best clips above and click the links on the list below for each one’s full-length counterpart. Thanks to all the surfers and filmmakers that helped make 2018 an incredible year for surfing and cheers to 2019.
#1 Koa Smith | Skeleton Bay
Filmed by Chris Rogers
#2 Kai Lenny | Pe'ahi
Filmed by Ryan Johnson
#3 Ramon Navarro | Cloudbreak
Filmed by Taylor Curran
#4 Noa Deane | North Point, Western Australia
Filmed by Mikey Mallalieu
#5 Albee Layer | Maui
Filmed by Dan Norkunas
#6 Naxto Gonzales | Nazaré
Filmed by Jon Aspuru
#7 Cam Richards | Pipeline
Filmed by Nate Leal
#8 Matt Meola | Maui
Filmed by Dan Norkunas
#9 Grant "Twiggy" Baker | Pe'ahi
Filmed by WSL
#10 Billy Kemper | Pe'ahi
Filmed by WSL

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