Metal Weekend #18 - PLAY IT LOUD and share your metal songs

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I am following @detlev ’s initiative and having a #metalweekend. Of course, every day is a heavy metal day but on weekends we have that extra chance to annoy our neighbors. So grab a cold beer and enjoy some heavy metal.


So, here we go. Bang your heads.

Every Friday Spotify gives you a playlist of new releases from bands that you follow. This week’s new releases were very interesting, so let’s have a look

Diamantis Picks of the Week

VAN CANTO - Melody (Official Video)

Bringing pure vocal power to the metal world since 2006, German metal a-cappella masters Van Canto are set to release their seventh studio album Trust in Rust , which will be out on August 10. This is the first single. A really unique band.

POWERWOLF - Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (Official Video)

Moving to unique German power metalers Powerwolf and their latest release "The Sacrament of Sin" . This is the first single. From an initial hearing seems good and loyal to the style of Powerwolf. I see there is Deluxe Edition with covers of Powerwolf song from other bands and this makes the release even more inticing.

FATES WARNING - The Light And Shade Of Things (Live 2018 / OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Fates Warning have released a live album called “Live Over Europe”. This tour included Athens , the album includes tracks recorded in Athens , I was there , so I am part of music history !!! This is the official video clip.

These are my picks for this week .

Listen to music , listen to HEAVY METAL !

Play loud and STEEM ON !!!


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Thanks for the introduction to some new music. Gotta love the metal (and you have to say the word metal with an English accent). I say lets turn it up one more to eleven and rock this house! I woke up in the mood to rock out to some Judas Priest here we go


Thank you. Let's rock the place.

A wonderful selection of songs is impressive! You are very lucky that you turned out to be "part of the history of music !!!" I am proud of you!


Yes , I am happy. As if I can hear my voice with the crowd.


I understand!


Goes along with the hot summer days ...