Music Challenge - day 2 of 25

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Today I will continue the next post of the music challenge started by @jokossita.
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Todays task:

Day 2 - A day that reminds you of your most recent ex girlfriend.

As me and my ex were both highly passionate about music, there is a lot of music, that reminds me of her. If I had my recording right here I would even say it is an own song that we made up together.
So I will go for another song, that connects with her and even with my previous girlfriend. Why? because we both broke up around the same time with our ex firends and sent us musical pieces that helped getting over it.
The song is from Dashboard Confessional and it doesn´t seem to make things better, but in my case it helped me to let yourself go and let the tears and emotions happen. And this stage is important for a breakup in my point of view.

So here is the song:

enjoy it and imagine how you would feel listening to this song after a breakup^^

I didn´t know how many versions of this song exist o.o

But I found "my version"

If you are curious what is yet to come in the challenge, take a look:

music challenge quest.jpg

Thanks for reading/listening and feel free to share our thoughts.


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