Garuda Di Dadaku, songs stir up spirits

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Netral is one of the very long bands in Indonesia and even they had made some sports-themed songs and until now the song is still used in various championship events at Indonesian level

Their most played song in various electronic and non-electronic media is the song entitled Garuda Di Dadaku. This song evokes the enthusiasm of Indonesian Youth in pursuing the field of sports because of the energy of the song they display

the lyrics of the song show the struggle of the nation's children in enlightening achievements for Indonesia in various events held abroad

You must be curious about the song, OK I'll add a link from the YouTube channel to this article for you to listen to. This song is in Indonesian and has a sports theme.

Greetings of sports

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Hi @hattaarshavin, that's an interesting post but I can't find the relationship with the jahm tag which is for posts about reggae, reggae culture or Jamaica. You're welcome to post here if you're writing about those topics.

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Sorry brother

Garuda Didaaku,..
Garuda Kebanggaanku,..

Luar Biasa,...