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RE: Starting a fresh on Steemit as everyone has left. Reintroducing Lucy!

in #music4 years ago

Welcome back! I totally know the feeling, music is hard to keep up on sometimes. Turning it into a job was even harder. But now is a great time to be able to turn your art into sustainability, and you're already in [what I think is] one of the better places to do so.

Looking forward to hearing you!


Thanks @harrisonmir! It's great to be back, and hopefully I'll be putting up daily content too to keep my mind focused.
Music is possibly one of the hardest things you can do, it's just so easy to hit the wall and get a creative block. Hopefully if I move my thoughts on to other things at the same time, I'll be able to pursue it at my own pace. Also, what do you do for your job?? That definitely interests me.
I always tried to go in to art & design but found that if I was forced to do it at work, I probably wouldn't be able to think creatively. But I'm envious of those that can do it!

It really is tough! I do a lot of freelance work, and I started a music program to teach kids about the tech-y side of music production and sound design and such. And of course I'm involved in a lot of crypto stuff too! But yeah, I feel like it's just about feeling out as many avenues as you can to build it all up to something sustainable.

Bottom line is it's definitely possible! You're right, it takes away from the fun of it a litttttle bit lol, because it's work now, but it's always fun work.

I'll definitely see you around!! Much love.

That sounds awesome! I wish someone had been there to teach me tech-y stuff when I was growing up. I taught myself but it's definitely not my finest skill.

Well you've most certainly interested me. I've followed you so will be on the lookout for your posts!

Likewise! Much love @lucybanks!

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