My New Acoustic Guitar for Christmas

in music •  20 days ago

I have wanted a steel string acoustic guitar for years now, and after playing a nylon string acoustic for many years, and playing electric guitar, I finally got around to getting a new acoustic steel string. The funny thing is that I started out on a steel string acoustic guitar when I was around sixteen years old.

I wanted something that sounded like a Martin, but less expensive, and it needed to have a built in pick-up so I could plug it into an amp or recording studio software.

I bought the D'Angelico and the case at Guitar Center for around $600. For me that was my budget and I am very happy with this new guitar. The sound is full and the pick-up sounds great too.

I decided to learn a new song and play it for everybody @steemit but I wanted to play something different. So here is my version of "Air on a G String" by J.S. Bach

Air on a G String - by J.S. Bach

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That certainly looks like a nice guitar!

Nice performance!