Red Label Metal 3/18/2019 - Resteem To Request A Song!

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Here is the latest episode of Red Label Metal over on BitChute

This premiered live on GHRO tonight at 9pm EST and I will be back there next week having fun again. If you want t make a request all you need to do is resteem this post and let me know what you're looking for in the comments.

evil logo.gif

If the really heavy stuff isn't for you, I do have a show on Fridays called The Real Resistance at 5pm EST where I play some more of the types of styles in the genre from Shadows Fall to Iron Maiden and can find a place for request there as well. It's a 2 hour show and I get more into the news and opinions I have about what's going on in the world. We have fun with it and make sure to get some laughs in despite the state of things.



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