'The Red Dragon's Song (Ver. 2.5)' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands/Trying to Add a Snare Line! Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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There're a few changes

between this version and yesterday's. The timpani's don't come in until the end of the first time through the main progression, though I think they should actually come in a bit later, to lead us into the following part instead of just coming in with the same rhythm. We also have the tubular bells in Track 12, which are used for most of the main portion of the song, aside from the staccato section in the middle.

Listen to The Red Dragon's Song (Ver. 2.5) here.

The bells mostly just

accent chord tones, playing on the 1 and 4 of most measures, so which helped to keep things moving, and define the measures a bit more, as things get a little blurred with the strings and brass. Track 13 is a snare drum, and is definitely going to be edited before I share the final version (new snare sound, plus different rhythm). I like when it comes in initially, but then I experimented with it playing double-time after the break, but that wound up sounding a little weird and out of place. I think with a different snare sound (one made up of better/more samples) these faster rolls might work and sound a bit better, we'll see. Just keep that in mind when listening, the snare is supposed to be a sort of militaristic/adventurous vibe, so try and hear that instead of the super rough part as it currently is, lol.

Screenshot 20190805 20.20.03.png

Track 12, tubular bells.

I hope you've enjoyed this little series. I think the next update may be the final one, unless I add a new B section to the tune, though that seems like a lotta work, lol. So we'll see!

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