'The Magi Sphinx' - Original Music - Another Throwback Tune, Inspired by Splinterlands - Orchestral/Instrumental

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So here's another throwback tune

from almost a year and a half ago I believe. At the time, I was participating in the Splinterlands Music/Lore contests every week, and had been on a bit of an orchestral/adventure-y writing kick, with this being the fourth or fifth of probably six or seven tunes. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to any particularly great orchestral libraries, so I was using the Ableton packs that were included with the DAW. They're not awful by any stretch, but they're a bit difficult to get to sound realistic. Timbre aside, I still really like the harmonic and rhythmic ideas here, and would love to revisit these all in the future.

Listen to The Magi Sphinx here.

The song uses very little of the strings

which appear much more often in the other Splinterlands tunes, and instead is very brass heavy. It's also in 11/4, so we get some really cool, stutter-y moments where we've got a 6 feeling, and suddenly lose a beat. I also really like the strange harmonies in the B sections. Essentially, all the bass notes from the A part stayed the same, but I completely altered what was happening above it, giving it a really dissonant, intense moment, before returning to the more diatonic A part. I think that perhaps a third or fourth part, with a different harmony and maybe tempo, could've helped to make this a big longer, and more interesting, but all in all, I dig the idea.

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Hope you like today's throwback tune! Thanks for listening!

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