'The Azmarean Dragonsong' - Original Music - Throwback to an Early Attempt at Orchestral/Action Game Music Inspired by Splinterlands

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I've been going through some

old Soundclouds again recently (there are FAR too many, lol), adding some old Splinterlands inspired songs/music contest songs to a playlist for future reference/revisiting, and found this one. I had completely forgotten about it, and still really like the idea. I think the mix kinda sucks, and the drums are loud and quiet in all the wrong spots, but it was also one of my first attempts at using instruments from Spitfire Audio's LABS, so I'll cut myself some slack.


Listen to The Azmarean Dragonsong here.


Harmonically, there is some interesting

stuff going on here, using modal interchange and some weird arpeggios that provide a surprising amount of dissonance, considering how coherent it (generally) feels. I wanted this to use orchestral strings, and some 'rock' instrumentation, as that is a sort of trope in action/RPG/adventure game tunes, so that's where the combination of the drums and strings came from. There is another issue, in that the strings have an odd attack, which results in it feeling slightly off-beat at times, but I think with some better sounds, and a little more work, this could turn into something really cool.

Hope you enjoy the throwback tune! Thanks for listening!

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