'Synthramental' - New Original Music! All Synth/Retro/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Screenshot 2018-09-28 20.12.32.png

I downloaded 2 new instrument packs

yesterday that I found online, one of which is used exclusively here. These sounds all come from the Korg MS-20, and they sounded really cool and '80s videos gamey, so I decided to write a little diddy using only these, no drums or outside instruments allowed. I like how this came out, some of the parts definitely blend together a lot, which I thought might sound weird, but it worked here, things seem to sort of flow in and out. On that note, let's go through it!

Listen to Synthstramental here.

The 2 bass tracks are 9 and 10

and are what we begin the song with. The are 2 sections, a Darker and Lighter Green; I have attached a screenshot below which shows both parts together. We are in E minor here, and the dark sections play E, B, C (2 measures), then E, G, C, and D. The Lighter Green sections change a bit, hovering around A, and using an F natural, so we get the feeling of a sort of temporary modulation to A minor, then back to E. Check the screenshot below to follow along with the bass (it begins with the Dark section for 8 bars, then the Light section for 8 bars).

Screenshot 2018-09-28 20.12.44.pngTracks 9 and 10, the bass, described above.
Listen to Synthstramental here.
Screenshot 2018-09-28 20.12.52.pngGroup 1, Light Blue section, described below.

Group 1 consists of 2 instruments

which provide diads that fill in parts of the chords that the bass established. In the light blue section, when our bass notes drop down to a B, this instrument holds the G it has been playing, but lowers the E to an Eb, which gives us a really cool Eb major chord, which sounds great against the Emin before it.

Listen to Synthstramental here.

Next is Group 2 (listed as 4 Group in the overview),

which mostly consists of the little melody line that comes in. Track 5 provides a single little distorted, low end hit at the beginning of each 8 bar section, while the following 3 all play the melody line, using various instruments to get a cool layered effect. The melody varies when the bass plays in A minor, but it's a bit long to attach all the variations, so check the screenshot below for the Eminor melody parts.

Screenshot 2018-09-28 20.13.03.pngTracks 6, 7 and 8, the melody, described above.

Last up is Track 11

which comes in providing some additional bits of harmony. It is playing only half notes, but because this synth sound is kind of similar to the melody parts, they seem to cut in and out of each other, which made for a really neat little effect. Accidents can be great in songwriting, sometimes the coolest stuff just falls into your lap.

Screenshot 2018-09-28 20.13.22.pngTrack 11, described above.
Listen to Synthstramental here.

I hope you've enjoyed the walkthrough and this li'l synthy tune! Thanks for listening/reading, I appreciate it greatly!

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