Grapthar's Song of the Day: Richard Hell & the Voidoids 'Betrayal Takes Two'

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Richard Hell - Betrayal Takes Two

Richard Hell, born

Richard Lester Meyers, is a singer/songwriter/bassist, known for his time in the burgeoning punk scene of late '70s, and his time with his group, The Voidoids. He was a member of a number of groups before forming the Voidoids, including the legendary Television. Hell's music was clearly inspired by '50s/early '60s rock and roll, wanting to return to the genre's roots, and avoid the excesses and clichés that he saw as growing within the rock world, much like his other contemporaries in the punk/new-wave world. (Source - Wikipedia, Richard Hell)

Listen to Betrayal Takes Two by Richard Hell (& the Voidoids) here.

This song is from the band's

debut album, Blank Generation, which was released in 1977. I was blown away when I first discovered this album (and this track in patricular); there is a clear line back to early rock in the writing, but it has it's own really unique twist on things. The guitar work is surprisingly complex, both harmonically and thematically, creating some awesomely catchy yet musically interesting parts. Hell's vocals really add to the tortured-love-song vibe, and make this a highly memorable tune.

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