'Gloridaxian Melodies II' - New Original Music - New B Section, Trying Some New Instruments - Orchestral/Strings/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Screenshot 20191219 20.41.23.png

As I said I would,

I completely removed and replaced the B section last night with a new idea. I decided to try and use some flutey/woodwind sounds there, and I'm not unhappy with the result, though I think the weird darkness/dissonance doesn't work with the tune. SO, I'll be doing ANOTHER B section tonight, and maybe altering the song format a bit, to get it to flow a bit better. I like the beginning of the song; though it's repetitive, that sort of works, giving it a hypnotic sort of thing, so maybe I'll just roll with that, repeat the same basic riff, but alternate what happens on top of it a bit more. Not sure yet, we'll see what happens!

Listen to Gloridaxian Melodies II here.

I added a new group,

in Neon Green in the overview shot above, which is all the instruments in the new B section. I also added a tambourine for certain A sections, which I think may make the final cut, though it may be replaced with a better sample, as it sounds a little too digital. The B section uses a shakuhachi and muted trumpet from NI's Komplete Start package, along with the Ableton woodwinds ensemble, and an effected piano from LABS. I went for something a bit dissonant, which I like, but again, I feel it doesn't really work with the A section, so maybe I'll take this B section and build something new out of it, after I find something to replace it here.

Screenshot 20191219 20.43.34.png

The New B section Group.
Listen to Gloridaxian Melodies II here.

Screenshot 20191219 20.43.45.png

LABS Granular Piano.

I'm a little disappointed that I replaced one B section that I disliked with another that doesn't really fit, but alas, that's how it works sometimes. Stay tuned, and let's see if I can't make this song something more cohesive and interesting!

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