'2 Doll Faces' - New Original Music/20 Minute Songwriting Challenge! Electronic/Jazz/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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So after spending multiple

days working on that last song, I went back to the opposite side of the spectrum, with a 20 minute songwriting challenge! Overall, I'm stoked about the results, though I think the organ is a bit too bassy, and drowns things out when it comes in. But otherwise, I really like the rhythms and the progression. Let's go through it!

Listen to 2 Doll Faces here.

There are two parts to

the song, the Verse (Purple in Track 1) and the Chorus (Blue in Track 1). The song is in 5/4; in the Purple section, each section is 8 bars long, divided into 4 bar parts in the overview, so it's repeated 2x at the beginning, and one time through as we fade out. I've attached screenshots of both sections below, so you can see what the piano is doing. The Blue section has a super cool little move, starting on a G (with a bunch of extensions), then resolving to a Bmaj7 (we're in Bminor for the whole tune), which then drops down to a Bmin7. That shift from a maj7 to min7 tonic sounds so cool, and extra jazzy, lol.

Screenshot 20191027 20.24.23.png

Track 1, Purple, full 8 bars.
Listen to 2 Doll Faces here.

Screenshot 20191027 20.25.29.png

Track 2 is the drums,

which stick to the same basic beat the whole time. I spent so much time on the chord progression, I forgot to leave myself more than 2 minutes for drums, so lots of copy pasta, hehe. Track 3 is an upright bass, which worked really well I think, though there's a few points where it could use a little tweaking as far as the actual bassline goes.Finally, we have the organ in Track 4. As mentioned before, I'm not too happy about this, way too much low end, so try and ignore it, or listen without a woofer, haha. But, I didn't remove it before the 20 min mark, so I had to leave it. No Cheating!

Hope you dig the results of today's challenge! Thanks for listening!

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I'm surprised at how much that piano sounds acoustic. I love the simplicity of it - and how the tsch, tsch of the percussion contrasts with it, rather ominously, if I dare presume, and later, a rattling (as of bones, or a tree tapping on a window pane) reinforce the kinda-spooky vibe I'm getting. Hey. It's almost Halloween. #Loveit!!! I need to spend as much time on your music a on your cat. Oooh, how about you film some cat video with your compositions in the background and some subtitles.... Does this sound familiar???

yea it's a really good virtual instrument, sounds super realistic! Glad you liked it, appreciate the listens!

I need to start taking some videos of the cats, I've been saying I'm gonna do that for a while, hehe.

The longer you delay, the more I'll keep reminding you of Henri le Chat Noir....

I stalked them today to get some video, but they did nothing but nap while I was home... apparently they were sprinting all over when I was gone, haha.

Like that old KitKat commercial about the photographer and the pandas...

Thanks to @deirdyweirdy, here it is!

haha, nice find.