Portishead - Dummy: great album outside of my preferred genre.

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I can't say for sure how I encountered this album in college, but it was one of my favorites and i was not at all into electronic music at the time.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Portishead is very different from anything else out there. This is before D&B and house and whatever else EDM encompasses was a part of everyone's lives.

we didn't even have particularly good album art back then

The mixing on this album is fantastic. I may have mentioned that I had a pretty awesome car audio system at this point in my life and the bass is quite heavy on these tracks, which may have contributed to my fond memories of the album.

The track that people were introduced to on a mass scale was called "Sour Times" but was more commonly known as "Nobody Loves Me."

This is actually one of my least favorite tracks on the album, but it was the most popular one because MTV was still a relevant thing back then. Portishead appealed to all people back in that time and I can't really say why. Their morose lyrics and mixed style that was slow-paced made it easy for anyone to be attracted to it.

If you have a good bass setup or even a good set of headphones, perhaps you can jack it up and listen to this one, because this one that really tested the boundaries of the audio system i had in my car at the time (which was 2 - 15" Fosgate subs with primo amps and even a capacitor battery back up system in the trunk complete with custom-made cooling system.)

I think the fact that the female singer (Beth Gibbons) is exceptionally talented lead to a lot of the appeal for me personally. That and the fact that at that point in time I hadn't really ever heard anything like it.

I highly suggest you download and check out the entire album. Because i feel as though it is quite timeless.

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This is one of my favorite albums ever! I used to listen to Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack...trip hop pleasure.

Oh yes, now this I like.
I can't believe I've never heard of Portishead.
Thank you for the introduction ;-)
I prefer Numb over Sour Times though


as do i. Thanks for reading


I am afraid it is I who should thank you for sharing this post ;-)

How can you not like this kind of music? If it's fantastic, Trip hop is a perfection.
Dummy was the debut album of the trip hop band Portishead, it's a classic, and as one of the most influential albums of the 1990s


The 90sTrip hop band Massive Attack is better than this band

My friend is a huge fan of portishead, and the album Dummy. In his words "Dummy is an exceptional album, marrying an incredible, unique and emotionally resonant atmosphere with brilliant songwriting, haunting music and unforgettable vocal performances. It's one of the most powerful emotional musical experiences one will find, and so penetrating that repeated listens won't dilute its potency. Every detail on the album combines to create a truly immersive experience, and the listener will invariably be entranced by its hypnotic charms. It's not for the weak hearted; it's one of the darkest, most depressing albums you'll encounter. But for those prepared for it, it's a one of a kind experience that's bound to become a favorite in your collection. It's a pity that trip hop died such an abrupt, anonymous death, as this album displays that it was a genre with quite a bit of potential. Still, even if this album had been the sole product of the movement, it was still very much worth it.". He is one hell of a fan. He actually introduced me to the band and the album.

Sound system has a big role to play when it comes to music, they can make good music sound good and the bad one can sound good under a good sound system as well... Lol

This is the second time I'm hearing you talking about the speakers in your car, I'm sure it meant so much to you then... Lol

Don't tell me you still miss it.

I will try and download it to see if I can still enjoy it without a sound system like yours. Hahahahha

Wow @gooddream you really know how to pick the fine vintage stuff. I actually love Sour times, maybe it's because it received a lot of airplay.

The whole dummy album was pretty good, but I'll admit they were never a personal favorite for me as a band.

Wow you also listen to Portishead I have heard this song before also. This is somewhat a band that makes real music. I have been following them since a while. I also like bands like one d and Linkin park.
@gooddream you are truly and all rounder movies + business + music.
I really admire you and your work.

Indeed timeless and a brick core stone in the trip-hop genre coming out of Bristol in the early 90's. so powerful that many hip hop albums that came after this albums release sampled Portishead giving it even higher timeless respects.

A true classic and always deep and moving to hear.

Portishead has left us very good sounds.
Thanks for RE-bringing them to my ears!!

Hello @gooddream I heard the song it was amaizing. The lyrics were actually heart touching. This is really nice and I do like the way you portray things. Good luck my friend keep up the good work.

Lol, what i heard from the what you posted is enough to get me to listen to the rest, am fun of good bass line music because which i prefer headsets with very good bass setup, thats for the intro man, i hv something to listen from home to work

i think numb is more cool
though i dont listen this type of music
but it is still good enough to listen repeatedly for a while

I like this band
glory box is my favorite song

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Great information.

Still great to play this album, which I've had since it was released. I really love the track 'Roads' with the trippy tremolo driven Fender Rhodes piano and those vocals. I still love this stuff and all those other Bristol bands =)

Had to buy this more than once as worn it out playing it so much over the years

Bloody oath! This is a mad album!

I love Portishead, they're the real deal, I remember when I first heard them, It was like The Wizard Of Oz, the part where all the colours shows up, lol.

By the way, you should check out their Glastonbury gig, it was amazing!

(I pissed off the neighbours last saturday cranking this to eleven)